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Our land

The wealth of our land: in the footsteps of history

Our land




The territory of the Municipalities of  Anzola dell’Emilia, San Giovanni in Persiceto and Sant’Agata Bolognese is an area with a unique historical, cultural and enviromental heritage. A land of medieval villages, rivers, traditions that come from the past and which, over the centuries, have modified and shaped this part of plain located between the famous via Emilia, Modena and Ferrara’s territories and the urban area of Bologna.

We propose thematic itineraries in order to discover streets, parks, museums, places of memory, natural areas and canals through sounds, lights, colours, unusual and pictoresque views, traditions, typical products and cultivations.

You just have to choose your favourite itinerary and venture along it, following its traces to discover and understand our land treasures. Enjoy the journey, the discovery and the charme of historical locations; and if you are too tired, don’t worry: there will also be suggestions for a tasty stop!

 – P.S. Don’t forget your camera!