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Sleep and eat… “a Balùs!”

A balùs” is a Bolognese expression that indicates the abundance of accommodation opportunities offered by our territory, enriched by a wide gastronomy, made of tradition, flavors and passion. Much of the myth of  Italian way of life, of knowing how to live, is played in the kitchen, and here it is still possible to come and taste it!

The Bolognese reputation for good food is certainly very old and in fact Bologna is known worldwide both as “la dotta”  (the learned) for the famous University, and as “la grassa” (the fat) for its cuisine. Here you will find typical dishes based on recipes handed down from generation to generation, with as many variations as there were the “rulers” of the houses, which today have become the heritage of the best restaurants in the area.

The ingredients of the dishes are local and the territory has agri-food excellence that boasts the European awards of Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). There are about fifteen EU-branded productions such among cured meats, cheeses and vegetables, such as Mortadella Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, Emilia-Romagna Pear and Bologna Potato but also DOP white wines – Montuni, Pignoletto, Bianco. The national list of traditional agri-food products also includes the watermelon and melon typical of San Matteo della Decima, a hamlet of San Giovanni in Persiceto, while quality fruit and vegetables can be found at numerous farms that make direct sales along the main roads or in farmers markets in the town squares. Finally, in the regional list of traditional delicacies, how can we not remember the famous Margherita or Africanetti biscuits, a variety of yellow meringue, “created” in 1872 by a local biscuit factory with royal recognition and shipped from here to East Africa .

This section is an invitation to a slow journey in our territory: find time for yourself, choose the tourist itinerary you like best and stop when you are tired or hungry … we are sure that we will not disappoint you!