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Anzola dell’Emilia

Anzola dell’Emilia (in western bolognese dialect: Anzôla) is located in the rich western lowland of Bologna; its territory, included in the water system of Reno river, is crossed by Samoggia, Ghironda and Lavino rivers.

Thanks to its location, the area has been inhabited since Neolitic period and it has returned important protohistoric and historical evidence (a terramare settlement of Bronze Age and several Iron Age sites). The roman presence is testified by archaelogical sites, finds, ancient sources and an important road network crossing the area, called via Aemilia, built in 187 BC in order to connect Ariminum (Rimini) to Placentia (Piacenza), on the route of a previous foodfath.

The toponym Unciola appears for the first time in a document dated 888 AD and it seems to originated from the ancient division of rustic funds in ounce or parts of ounce (little uncia). However, according to some interpretations, the castrum Unciola mentioned by the ancient sources does not correspond to the medieval castle of Anzola, built in 1100 AD, but it could be an older settlement subsequently abandoned.

Anzola preserves a valuable medieval baptistery belonging to one of the oldest churches in the area, the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul (demolished and rebuilt during 17th century), and the medieval  tower of  King Enzo, an ancient gateway with fortified tower which was the exit from the city walls at the time of the war between Municipalities and the Emperor Frederick II.

Anzola is still interesting: if you are tired, it is the right place to make a fresh stop because here there is the first museum in the world dedicated to one of the gastronomic product symbol of the “made in Italy”: the ice-cream!

Come, see and taste the rich itineraries of our land!

Distance from Bologna: 13 km

Altitude: m. 25/52

Population: 12.310 (up. 2017)

Market day: Saturday

Patron: St. Peter and St. Paul  (Feb. 29)

Hamlets: Ponte Samoggia, Castelletto, Santa Maria in Strada, San Giacomo del Martignone, Lavino di Mezzo


  • just 5 km from the Bologna-Borgo Panigale toll booth, which leads onto the A14 Bologna-Taranto motorway and 4,5 km from the Valsamoggia toll booth on A1 motorway, can be easily reached by taking the state road no. 9 via Emilia, whose route crosses the territory
  • Railway: 5 km; Bologna-Milano line
  • Airport: 8 km

Famous people

Torquato Costa (Anzola dell’Emilia 1854-1932) Bolognese archaeologist and collector; well-known scholar of terramare culture.

Orsola Donati (Anzola Emilia, October 22, 1849 – San Giovanni in Persiceto, April 8, 1935) – Religious and Servant of God. Co-founder of Ordine delle Minime dell’Addolorata and mother general after the death of St. Clelia Barbieri

Pietro di Giovanni d’Anzola, (Anzola dell’Emilia, 1258 – Bologna, May 1312) – Notary, jurist and teacher of ars notariae, pre-eminent figure of the Bolognese law school.

Giovanni Goldoni (Calderara di Reno – Sacerno, May 1, 1870 – June 17, 1924) – First socialist mayor of Anzola.

Carlo Grimandi (Anzola dell’Emilia, November 2, 1875 – June 6, 1933) – composer and musician who dealt with the condition of the blind.

Romano Cocchi (Anzola dell’Emilia, March 6, 1893 – Buchenwald concentration camp, March 28, 1944) – union leader and anti-fascist politician.

Comune di Anzola dell’Emilia

Via Grimandi, n. 1 – 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia (BO)

Tel. +39 051 6502111 – Fax +39 051 731598